Are Avocados Available in Pakistan?

What are Avocados?

Persea Americana, more often known as the avocado tree, grows naturally in the humid subtropical and tropical parts of the Americas. Its fruit is delicious and nutritious. Different names, including "avocado pear" and "alligator pear," refer to the same enormous fruit.

Besides its common name, "alligator pear," this fruit has a few more monikers. The avocado, or Persea Americana, was first cultivated in Puebla, a state in Mexico.

The avocado's unique nutritional makeup contributes to its widespread renown, but the fruit's velvety smooth, creamy, and naturally sweet pulp also plays a major role.

Availability in Pakistan

Avocados are easily available abroad, but when it comes to Pakistan, it’s usually imported from other countries and is only available in a small number of mega marts or high end grocery stores.

However, the people of Pakistan aren’t well aware of the fruit and the benefits it offers. But today, we will reveal all its benefits in this article – keep reading!

Benefits of Avocado Extract

Avocado oil is readily absorbed by the skin, shields it from free radical damage, promotes the production of new skin cells, keeps the skin from drying out, and aids in the retention of hydration.

Avocados are great for expecting mothers since they are full of healthy fats and vitamins. They also help pregnant women with issues including preventing stretch marks, speeding up wound healing, curing dermatitis, and shielding the skin from environmental contaminants.

The primary benefits of this cream are its ability to hydrate the skin, reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and calm red, irritated skin. These three actions occur concurrently. Protection from the sun's UV rays is included (UVA and UVB).

This extract is loaded with skin-rejuvenating chemicals. It works wonders on sunburns, scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, and it evens out the skin tone and reduces the appearance of age spots.

Role of Avocados in the Cosmetics Market

Avocados are loaded with healthy fats and vitamins E and C, which are essential for keeping your skin looking young and vibrant.

Some of the ways in which avocados' healthy ingredients promote glowing skin are listed below. Persistent skin disorders like acne and eczema may benefit from the lipids, compounds, and vitamins included in avocados. That is not all, keep reading to know more!

Helps Keep Skin from Becoming Inflamed

The chemicals in avocados offer anti-inflammatory and UV protection properties. The ageing process, skin cancer, and other skin-related issues can all be exacerbated by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Avocados are rich in the antioxidant vitamins C and E, both of which have been proven to be helpful in studies to prevent oxidative damage to the skin.

Increases The Skin's Resilience to Stress

In 2010, scientists looked at the correlation between good skin and the intake of lipids and antioxidant micronutrients among a sample of over 700 women. The condition of the subjects' skin was measured.

The study's authors concluded that a high-fat diet, especially one rich in monounsaturated fats like those found in avocados, improved skin elasticity and reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reduces the probability of getting acne.

If you have acne-prone skin, its recommended to use avocado oil as a facial cleanser. This is because avocado oil has the ability to kill microorganisms.

It is also suggested to wash with avocado extract for a suppler and hydrated complexion as it improves the skin's health and vitality. Applying avocado oil in a circular manner can help your skin in many ways.

Avocado oil is rich in antioxidants, plant sterols, omega-9, minerals, and vitamins because it is cold pressed (including vitamins C and E). She continued by saying that the synergy of these nutrients could promote collagen formation, calm inflammation, and remove dull, lifeless skin.

Provides A Protective Layer Over the Skin to Keep Moisture in and Dry Air Out

Avocados are highly beneficial since they contain the B vitamin biotin. Applying biotin topically has been shown to reduce the risk of dry skin. In addition, this therapy can help you avoid developing brittle hair and nails.

Finding a Suitable Product

If you're always on the lookout for the actual fruit to satisfy your need, MK Cosmetics has the perfect product to save you the bother. The avocado oil, soybean oil, and vegetable glycerin in our daily face moisturizer work together to provide long-lasting hydration and a luxuriously smooth finish. None of these things are artificial in any way.

Also contained are niacinamide (a form of vitamin B3) and vitamin E, both of which work together to prevent dry, flaky skin.

What benefit do we derive from this, then? Consistently radiant, glowing skin. Our thick lotion quickly evaporates, so it won't leave a greasy residue or make your pores look blocked. It's also the best mix for those with dry skin.

Parting Thoughts

Avocados, thanks to the vitamins, minerals, and other components they contain, are a flexible food that may be used in many different contexts. One of these functions is to make one's skin seem better.

In addition to their other health benefits, eating avocados regularly has also been linked to better skin.

In addition to their culinary and nutritional uses, avocados also have a place in the cosmetics sector. It is possible to use avocado as a face mask or to add avocado oil to your regular cosmetic regimen.

We offer both of those possibilities. Consult your doctor or a dermatologist before applying avocado to your skin if you have any doubts about its safety or the benefits it may give.