How To Use Liquid Illuminator Makeup?

Why settle for a regular glow when you can have a complexion that shines brighter than a supernova? Incorporating a liquid illuminator into your makeup routine will give you a radiant and dewy look that will make the sun jealous. 

Liquid illuminator by MK cosmetics is like magical potion for your face, capable of transforming you into a radiant goddess with just a few drops. So go ahead, embrace the power of these versatile elixirs and let your face shine. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Use Liquid Illuminator

Begin your journey to radiant beauty by wiping away the remnants of yesterday's adventures from your lovely face. Before transforming into a glamorous masterpiece, make sure your canvas is as fresh and hydrated as a dew-kissed rose. Get that skin prepped and primed. 

Start with a Clean Face

A smooth canvas means a flawless finish that will have everyone wondering if you were born with that natural glow. Now, it's time to assemble your arsenal of beauty weaponry. Prepare to gather your makeup supplies like a fearless warrior preparing for battle. Make sure you've got your beauty arsenal fully armed and ready to slay! 

Gather Your Makeup Supplies

Glow like a radiant goddess with a touch of liquid illuminator, and if you're feeling extra fancy, you can even consider adding foundation to your masterpiece. The eternal struggle of the beauty world: makeup brushes or the ever-elusive beauty blender. It's like choosing between a trusty steed and a magical unicorn. 

Choose the Right Shade

Choose a liquid illuminator shade that will make your skin glow like a radiant unicorn. When it comes to fair to medium skin tones, champagne or rose gold tones are like the perfect dance partners - they just work together flawlessly. And for those with medium to deep skin tones, bronze or gold tones are like the best - they bring out the best in each other. 

Apply Foundation (Optional)

Slap on some foundation if you want to look like a flawless human being, or just embrace your natural imperfections and let your face shine. Make sure to lay down the foundation before you unleash the liquid illuminator magic. 

Apply the Liquid Illuminator

Time to give your face a glow-up with the magical elixir of liquid illuminator. Prepare to shine brighter! To unlock your inner radiance, grace the high points of your face with a touch of liquid illuminator. These hallowed grounds include the majestic peaks of your cheekbones, the regal bridge of your nose, the enchanting cupid's bow above your upper lip, and the mystical inner corners of your eyes.

Blend Thoroughly

You have a variety of options at your disposal to seamlessly blend it in: your nimble fingertips, a trusty makeup brush, or the ever-so-fancy beauty blender. Begin with a modest portion, for you can always sprinkle in extra if the situation demands it. 

To achieve that all-over radiant glow, simply mix a drop of liquid illuminator with your foundation. Liquid illuminators aren't just for your face, they can also work their magic on your collarbones, shoulders, and décolletage. Embrace that alluring body glow and turn heads wherever you go! 


If your skin is as oily as a deep-fried donut, or if you want your makeup to last longer than a reality TV marriage, then sprinkle some translucent setting powder on the areas where you've slathered on liquid illuminator. This nifty little trick will keep shine in check without dimming your radiant glow.

Complete Your Makeup Look

Complete your glamorous transformation by artfully dusting your cheeks with blush, sculpting your face with bronzer, adorning your eyelids with a captivating array of eyeshadow, expertly lining your eyes with eyeliner, enhancing your lashes with mascara, and finally, bestowing your lips with the perfect shade of lipstick. Voila! 

Final Words 

It's the secret potion that transforms your skin into a luminous masterpiece, making you look like you've discovered the fountain of youth. So go ahead, embrace the magic and let your inner glow shine through! 

Whether you're aiming to radiate like a supernova or shimmer, becoming a master of the application technique will be your secret weapon in achieving that coveted glow-up.